Aluna.Social Airdrop

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Aluna.Social Airdrop is live!

Aluna.Social is a multi exchange social trading terminal for cryptocurrency traders and investors. They combine an API trading terminal with a Social Network and gamification. Expert traders get rewarded financially and reputationally, and beginners can learn from and auto-copy the world’s best traders.

Aluna.Social is airdropping a total of 100,000 ALN to new users. Follow our simple step by step guide to participate!

Aluna Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign up to Aluna.Social network
  2. Go to Airdrop page
  3. Complete these processing tasks
    1. Verify your mail and log in.
    2. Connect your Metamask wallet
    3. Connect your BitMEX account
  4. Complete these trading tasks
    1. Trade at least $1,000 in volume on BitMEX :  $100 : 10  times.
    2. You will get 1 star for every $1 of trading on BitMEX
  5. The more you trade, the more stars you collect and the higher the share of the airdrop
[ Find out more details  here Medium article ]


You will get 500 stars for each referral who completes the required tasks

Disclaimer: is not liable to any loss occured on your trades, please consent before using such a program.

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