Atomic Wallet Airdrop Round 2

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Atomic Wallet Airdrop is live!

Atomic Wallet is a new technology that makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies directly and without third parties. Atomic Swap Wallet offers a multi-asset custody-free wallet with the Atomic Swap exchange and a decentralized order book. Atomic Wallet is listed on CoinMarketCap.

Atomic Wallet Airdrop Round 2 is worth up to 50 AWC tokens (~$ 1.5). Share your referral link to earn additional 25 AWC tokens (~$ 0.75).

Step by step guide:

  1. Download the Atomic Wallet App. (iOS is not available yet)
  2. Open te app, click on ”Settings” and click on ”Airdrop”.
  3. Submit your mail and verify your mail. (+ 25 AWC)
  4. You can use ”XN0GR” as the promo code. (+ 25 AWC)
  5. After you verified your mail, you will receive a mail with your referral code. Share your code to earn 25 AWC tokens for every referral.

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