If your amount in your wallets get bigger you need think about a super save way to store.
The safest way to store your airdrops are hardware & cold storage wallets. These wallets store your coins offline, and therefore protect them from being hacked.

There are a number of hardware wallets available. We would recommend to use the Ledger Wallet Nano S or Trezor.

Not all cryptocurrency can be stored in hardware wallets. We recommend you to store your crypto in wallets where you control your private keys. You don’t want your free crypto to be stolen!

To avoid scams we have a few general rules:

– Never ever share your private keys!!!
– Use 2 Factor Authentication on your wallets.
– Be careful downloading wallets of smaller project, possibly use a Virtual machine.
– Never click on links redirecting to wallets.
– If you log in to your wallet double check the domain and SSL.
– Don’t use your main email address to apply for airdrops.
– Don’t re-use your passwords when you register on a website.
– Never send money or tokens to receive an airdrop.