FC24 Token

Our project:

In our view, there are fundamentally two different types of exchanges: the ones that
deal with fiat currency; and the ones that deal purely in crypto. It is the latter one that
we will focus on. Even though they are small now, we strongly believe that pure
crypto exchanges will be bigger, many times bigger, than fiat based exchanges in the
near future. They will play an ever more important role in world finance and we call
this new paradigm Freecoins24.
We will bring one feature, our focus will be on Airdrop coins, if we list an airdrop on
our platform, also we will try to list on exchange.
With your help, Freecoins24 will build a world-class crypto exchange, powering the
future of crypto finance.

Token information:

  1. Contract address : 0xB264f69f1aF3b486435b938a3935280e25722d4A
  2. Symbol : FC24
  3. Name : Freecoins24
  4. Total supply: 200.000.000
  5. Decimals : 18

More informations coming soon, stay tuned!