Huqqa World SHIBA Giveaway Round 2

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Huqqa World SHIBA Giveaway Round 2 is closed!

Huqqa World Token project focuses on producing and distributing tobacco for the hookah industry. They have a large production capacity and supply chain partnerships, aiming to control the entire process from production to distribution. They also plan to expand by acquiring land in South America to produce their own tobacco and reduce costs. They want to achieve that with the blockchain technology, meanwhile giving back shares to its token holders.

Huqqa World Token has launched the community incentive round 2. Participants will be able to share 70,000,000 $SHIBA coins. Each referral counts as 5 points and the total reward will be proportional to ( prize pool/participants)* times. Follow our simple and complete step-by-step guide to participate.

huqqa world token giveaway round2

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start the Huqqa World Token Airdrop bot
  2. Click on start the Airdrop
  3. Complete these social tasks
    1. Join Huqqa World Telegram Group
    2. Join Huqqa World Telegram Channel
    3. Follow on Twitter like and Quote RT pinned post with hashtag #Huqqaworld #utilitytoken #infrastructure
    4. Join CryptoMutant Telegram Group
    5. Follow CryptoMutant on Twitter
    6. Sign up to MEXC Exchange
  4. Submit your MEXC $SHIBA (BSC) wallet address
  5. Get an extra 5 point by using your referral link to invite your friends!


  • Only valid users will be rewarded!
  • All fake accounts and bots won’t earn rewards!
  • One registration per user!
  • Event starts on 25/10/2023
  • Event ends 23/11/2023
  • Stay tuned for the Distribution process, within 1 week after the end!

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