MedicalVeda Airdrop Round 2

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MedicalVeda Airdrop Round 2 is closed!

Tokenizing healthcare by leveraging the power of Defi and blockchain. Empowering patients by enabling them to access, have ownership of and monetize their clinical records, while also offering a Defi protocol for covering medical-based financial obligations.

MedicalVeda Airdrop Round 2 details :

Easy Chance to Get $10000 USDT! Airdrop which has never seen before!

– Buy Minimum 1 ticket for 12.5 MVEDA= $2 as an investment!

– You can buy as much as tickets of $2 as you wish to increase the chance to be the lucky $10000 USDT Winners!

-This is not a Lottery, as Ticket/Token purchase is your asset and You can trade or Invest that!

MedicalVeda Airdrop Round 2 is worth of 10,000$ USDT

MedicalVeda Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to MedicalVeda Airdrop (Telegram bot)
  2. Fill the human captcha
  3. Create an account on Exmarkets Exchange
  4.  You must buy the minimum Ticket/Token
  5. You must pass the human control test

🚫 Actions prohibited

– Only valid users will be rewarded.

– All fake accounts and bot won’t earn rewards.

– One registration per user

🔈 Airdrop Contest Details

– Airdrop will close on the 08/10/2020

– KYC is not necessary to be eligible for this airdrop

– Winners will be announced on 25 October

– Participants need to buy Minimum $2 tickets= 12.5 MVEDA Tokens

– Participants can Buy one $2 or many tickets to increase their chance to win, Eg, Buy $10(5x$2) and the chance to win will increase by 5 times! And you can be eligible to win first, second or third Prizes by buying more tickets!

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