Miracle Tele

Miracle Tele
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  • Estimate value: $2 ($12)

  • Token value: 20 (120) TELE


Miracle Tele is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides high-quality international call and browsing services in one SIM card, making it possible for its clients to retain their privacy rights and earn biweekly rewards thanks to the tokenization of the company’s assets in Ethereum blockchain.

Step-by-step guide:

Airdrop 1 

  1. Sign up on their website
  2. Verify your mail. You will receive a code and a password to log in (two different emails)
  3. Click on ”Telegram airdrop campaign” copy your personal code
  4. Chat with Miracle Tele Bot and send your personal code
  5. Join their Telegram group
  6. Get 20 TELE
  7. Also get 10 TELE for each referral

Airdrop 2 

  1. Sign up on their website
  2. Click on ”Request 100 free TELE”
  3. Make a post, article, or video about Miracle Tele with at least 200 characters or for video at least 3 minutes. 
  4. Include link https://miracletele.com in your post
  5. Submit the link of your post
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