Airdrop: Oduwa Coin

Airdrop: Oduwa


Oduwa Coin PoS Mining With A Decent Return
Oduwa coin is the next-Gen digital payment system. Oduwa coin is digital cash that uses peer to peer technology to settle all its transactions on a consortium blockchain network with ZERO Transactions fees . A hybrid blockchain technology that values privacy, efficiency and security due to the asset protection the block provides for its user, popularised by the initiative of its community. Oduwa community, everyone can buy, sell, make payment, gift donation and engaged in mining with Oduwa blockchain wallet and build wealth from the comfort of their home.
We are committed to increasing the accessibility and growth of oduwa.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to their airdrop (Telegram bot).
  2. Visit Oduwa Hompage and Register.
  3. Join Oduwa on Telegram Group.
  4. Like and share their Facebook page .
  5. Retweet this post on Twitter  and follow.
  6. Like them on Instagram.
  7. You will get 2 OWC.
  8. Also get 1 OWC for each referral.

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