PayAccept Airdrop

  • Closes in: Expired already

  • Estimate value: $20


PayAccept Airdrop is closed!

PayAccept is a mission to change how citizens of the world interact with blockchain technology and traditional finance by bringing digital wallet management to the masses

PayAccept Airdrop is worth 85 PAY ( $20) tokens, also get 10 PAY ($2.4) for each referral.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the PayAccept Airdrop (Telegram bot)
  2. join they on Telegram group and Telegram channel
  3. Follow on Twitter and retweet post
  4. Follow & Like on Facebook
  5. Follow on LinkedIn
  6. Subscribe on YouTube channel
  7. Submit your mail, ERC20 wallet and details on the bot
  8. also get 10 PAY ($2.4) for each referral

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