Soar Fi x JulSwap Airdrop

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SOAR is by far an autonomous liquidity congregator audited by, thus a decentralized framework for liquidity control. Its primary purpose is to merge residual liquidity across Uniswap by allowing users to swap any liquidity from X_pool to SOAR_pool. However, it can do much more. SOAR protocol is giving away $9,000 worth in SOAR shared equally between all valid new users  and $1,000 worth in SOAR shared equally between top 10 referrers. Good luck !

SOAR Fi Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start Airdrop bot
  2. Submit your email
  3. Submit your BEP20 Wallet Address
  4. Follow Soar Fi on Twitter
  5. Follow Justliquidity on Twitter
  6. Follow julSwap on Twitter
  7. Follow Eljaboom on Twitter & Others
  8. Retweet this Tweet and Tag Five (5) Friends with a minimum of 50 followers (Tweet 1 : Type #BNB in comments
  9. Change your Twitter profile picture to JulSwap logo (available in the bot)
  10. Join Telegram channels 1 2 3 4
  11. Proceed with verification
  12. Invite more friends, $1,000 worth in SOAR will be shared equally between top 10 referrers

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