Vendible Beta program Contest

  • Closes in: 8 Days

  • Estimate value: N/A


Vendible Beta program Contest is live!

Vendible is a Data security & asset controls for open blockchains Privacy-preserving smart contracts. Vendible protocols  keep users data and finances from prying eyes. It Integrats identity  and ensures that users still know who they are dealing with and make sure that users losing funds are secured.

Vendible is airdropping a total of $30,000 through its beta program contest to reward early adopters of his wallet based on Alogrand blockchain. Participants are able to win up to $3,000 worth of $VEND tokens. Follow our simple step by step guide to participate!

Vendible Beta program contest

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Vendible Beta program contest page
  2. Sign up with your active email address
  3. Get your referral link and share with your friends!

Good luck!


  • Vendible Beta program contest prize pool is $30,000 worth of $VEND tokens
  • Top 1 referral will get $3,000 worth of $VEND tokens
  • Waitlist program runs until 15 December 2021 at 12pm EDT


  • Top1 USD 3,000 in VEND
  • 2nd  place  USD 1,200 in VEND
  • 3rd place USD 600 in VEND
  • Top4-10  USD 300 each in VEND
  • Top 11-20 USD 150 each in VEND
  • Top 21-100 USD 75 each in VEND
  • Top 101-500 = USD 12 each in VEND
  • Top- 500 USD 3 each in VEND

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