WIRTUAL Airdrop Cat Box

  • Closes in: 2 Days

  • Estimate value: N/A


WIRTUAL Airdrop Cat Box is live!

WIRTUAL is an “Exercise to Earn” application. Workout, get rewards– it’s that simple! Earn WIRTUAL coins through exercise and exchange coins for store purchases physical products & NFTs, event ticket, organize virtual sport events and holder ranking to access features.

WIRTUAL is giving away 1 Cat Box to all participants for free. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to participate!

WIRTUAL Airdrop Cat Box

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to WIRTUAL  Airdrop page
  2. Complete these social tasks
    1. Visit @emily_wirtual on Instagram
    2. Follow @WIRTUALapp on Twitter
    3. Join @wirtual_community on Telegram
    4. Download WIRTUAL application
    5. Review 5 stars on App Store or Google play store
    6. Answer a Question
  3. Enter your BEP20 wallet address!
  4. Refer Friends For Extra Entries

Good luck!


  • The 1st – 1000th place will receive a 100% chance to receive Cat Box 1 box
  • The 1001st – 5000th place randomly receive Cat Box 1 box
  • Enter the phone number you used to create an account on WIRTUAL app, to claim your airdrop reward
  • Invite your friends to join the campaign with the referral link below,
  • The winners will be announced on WIRTUAL’s Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram Channel!
  • This campaign will be available until May 31, 2022 at 00.00 (UTC+0)

Freecoins24 is not liable to any loss incurred on your trading activity, consider crypto market as volatile and not a way to have a steady income; consent before proceeding!

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