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3Verse YouTube Video Competition is closed!

The Global Digital Asset Super App & Multi-Market Trade Routing Platform for CeFi & DeFi in a single dashboard. 3.0 verse is the most credible first port of call for entry into the crypto sphere and provides credibility backed by the strong governance principles guided by the board, stability powered by robust technology and liquidity access to 99 percent of the world liquidity and market capitalization.

3.0 Verse has launch a YouTube Video contest to rewards users. Participants are able to win up to 2000 $GZUT tokens and 500 USDT. Follow our complete and simple step-by-step guide to participate.

3Verse YouTube Vídeo Competition

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the 3Verse’s Airdrop page.
  2. Complete these social tasks.
    1. Follow real3verse & Retweet this post on Twitter
    2. Join real3verse on telegram
    3. Create a YouTube video in your local language reviewing the awesome 3.0 verse Products and Tag @3verseglobal.
    4. Your video should be at least 90 seconds long.
    5. Quote, Retweet/reshare your YouTube video link and tag us on our YouTube Vídeo Airdrop Competition post across social media handles!
  3. Provide the Youtube URL in the Gleam Page.

Good luck!


  • Best 200 participants will receive 100 GZUT Tokens each.
  • Best 10 videos in 10 different languages will be eligible to receive 50 USDT each!
  • Languages Eligible: English, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese
  • Winners will be announced within next 7 days, once the competition ends on 20th Nov, 2023.

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