Basic Attention Token Reward

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Basic Attention Token Reward is closed!

Basic Attention Token is a token used by Brave browser. Brave is a new generation internet browser that fights malware and prevents tracking, keeping your information safe and secure. The value of the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is based on the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new unit of exchange between publishers, advertisers and users on the top of the Ethereum blockchain. Basic Attention Token is already listed on CoinMarketCap.

Basic Attention Token Reward is worth unlimited BAT tokens, you will earn tokens while browsing.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Brave browser and install them on your device.
  2. Enable the Brave rewards in your new browser.
  3. Now turn on ads in your browser settings.
  4. If all is set you can surf in the web like you do everyday.
  5. You will get different ads. Congratulations, for every ad you earned BAT tokens.
  6. You will get paid monthly, and on the settings tab, you can see your current balance.

Note: Brave Rewards are available to view only in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. In the near future, more locations will be included.

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