BirdSwap Trading Competition

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BirdSwap Trading Competition is closed!

BirdSwap is an exchange-centered AMM. BirdSwap offers various services that support decentralized trading on the Polygon/Matic Network and solve the liquidity problem of other projects on Polygon. BirdSwap is airdropping $30 in BIRD token to all users. Follow our simple step by step guide to participate!

To celebrate BIRDSWAP(BIRD) listing on Bilaxy, BIRDSWAP(BIRD) will hold Airdrops and Trading Competition Activities, 27000USDT in Bird tokens will be gave away,👏👏welcome to join it and enjoy the rewards🍬🍬.

BirdSwap Trading Competition

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Create an account on Bilaxy Exchange
  2. Follow the promotions that are listed below

Reward details: 

Part A: The First 5000 users will enjoy 5 USDT in Birdswap each after trading a minimum of 5 USDT Birdswap tokens and made kyc1 after opened a new account on Bilaxy. (Kyc1 is simple and only need full name and ID No.)

Part B: Top 10 traders ranked by BIRD trading volume(Buy+Sell) will enjoy 2000USDT in Bird Token.

Top#1 : 400 USDT in Bird Token

Top#2-5:  250 USDT in Bird Token for each winner

Top#6-#10:  120 USDT in Bird Token for each winner

[For more info check their official post]

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