Bitdepositary LBANK Voting


Bitdepositary LBANK Voting Airdrop is live!

Bitdepositary unites project developers and investors through a protected blockchain platform. They are creating an ecosystem of trust. As you are aware many ICO’s are scams. BitDepositary wants to resolve this by bringing back that trust and new money back into the market. Very easy airdrop which has been rated highly on many review websites

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Register on LBANK
  2. Vote for BDT here
  3. Upload your Screenshot from your Vote to there Bitdepositary LBANK Voting form!
  4. Submit your details to the Bitdepositary LBANK Voting form.
  5. You will get their token in worth of $1.
  6. Also get tokens in worth of $1 for each referral.

Note: BDT are already trade able on several exchanges, but the token is extremely undervalued. $1 maybe can be soon $100.

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