Bither Airdrop


Bither airdrop is live!

Bither’s goal is to deliver the newest generation of blockchain technology in an optimized platform to resolve some major issues of present networks. The Bither Platform in addition to implement the layer three networks and multi-mining capability for the network coins, delivers a practical and proper solution for energy wastage problem.

Bither is rated 4,5/5 on Icobench.

Bitherplatform Airdrop is worth 8 Bither [~$10.8].

Step-by-step guide:

1. Register an account on Bither platform.
2. Verify your E-mail and Login to your account.
3. Fill out the KYC form.
4. Set your ETH wallet address on the “WHITELIST” page.
5. Click on ”Reward” every 24 hours and earn Bither tokens.

For a question relevant to Bither Platform, The reward for the correct answer is 0.4 BTR token. For a general question about the knowledge of blockchain technology, The reward for the correct answer is 0.1 BTR token. 

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