Bithumb Global Turkish Community Giveaway

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Bithumb Global Turkish Community Giveaway is closed!

Bithumb Global Turkish Community Giveaway will have two different parts, first one is a competition for being among the two most active user in Bithumb Global Turkish Telegram group, and the second part is about making Turkish Bithumb Global fans create their own work, like articles, graphics, videos, etc.

Bithumb Global Turkish Community Giveaway is worth 100 USDT total prize pool.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Join Bithumb Global Turkish Telegram group
  2. Follow Bithumb Global Turkish on Twitter

Event 1: Activity Competition

  • The messages during the activity competition will be counted and the user with the highest number of messages, in other words, the most active user, will win $10.
  • Also, the Turkish admin will select one more winner among the active users that he thinks that is the one who contributed most to the community during the competition. This user will also win $10.
  • All messages must be in Turkish and only the ones in the BG Turkish Telegram group will be counted.
  • Spammers will not be eligible, Turkish admin will check the messages if there is something suspicious and decide whether the user is eligible or not.

Event 2: Lucky Draw

Everyone who posted at least one Telegram message with #BGTürkiye on Bithumb Global Turkish Telegram group for at least three days during the activity will be eligible for the lucky draw.

  • The messages have to be in Turkish and spammers will be eliminated.
  • In the lucky draw, 3 winners among the eligible participants will be chosen and they will win $30 in total, $10 each.

Event 3:  Turkish Content Creation Competition

Users are going to prepare some Turkish content for the features on BG they like the most.

  • The content can be anything, a Medium article, a video, a photo that explains the feature in a detailed way, or even a Twitter thread.
  • Participants must share their original content with #BGTürkiye, #BithumbGlobal, and #BGÇünkü hashtags, and by tagging @BithumbTurkey on Twitter.
  • 3 best work will be chosen among participants and they will get the prizes according to their place. There will be $50 distributed in total:
    1. $25
    2. $15
    3. $10

For more information see this Bithumb Global announcement.

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