BOLTON Airdrop

BOLTON Airdrop


BOLTON Airdrop  is live!

Boltongroup company has already proven its portfolio, deals with the holding and managing of many assets such as Gold, Diamonds, Real estate eco-substainable energy production BTC mining farms and sharing daily profits with the investors network. BOLTON COIN company handles different projects with 100% success rate in all its dealings and has been rated ‘A’ by Bloomberg to show its influential status on the “eyes of the world”. BOLTON COIN coin is giving to anybody the UNIQUE chance to participate in the activities and core business of the company, through the tokenization of an UNATTAINABLE market, so far restricted to only institutional investors.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Bolton airdrop (Telegram bot).
  2. Make a short video-selfy and spread it on your social networks (say who you are , where do you come from and say nicely that you are supporting Bolton Fundation)- only English is accepted (6 BFCL)
  3. Join our Telegram group  and Telegram channel(2 BFCL)
  4.  Follow Bolton on Twitter and retweet (2 BFCL)
  5. Submit your details to the BOT
  6. Get unique referral link to invite your friends

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