Brainedge Early-Access Airdrop

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Brainedge Early-Access Airdrop is closed!

Muster is a fully automated lottery platform that uses blockchain and smart contracts to create a fully transparent lottery, where your chances are incomparably higher compared to conventional lotteries. Brainedge is the first-ever AI and token-powered online learning platform. Brainedge utilizes LEARN, our ERC20 token, to reward and incentivize all participants on the platform while supporting its vision to provide learning resources to the regions that need them the most.

Brainedge is airdropping a total of $10,000 worth of $LEARN token to early supporters’ community. Check our complete and simple step-by-step guide to participate.

Brainedge Early-Access Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Brainedge Early Access Airdrop page.
  2. Complete the social tasks
    1. Follow Brainedge on X
    2. Follow Brainedge on Telegram
    3. Join Brainedge Discord server.
  3. Fill the Brainedge Early access form.
  4. Verify and confirm your access via your provided email address

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