Bybit Victors’ Bounty

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Bybit Victors' Bounty is closed!

Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform established in March 2018 and registered in the BVI. It is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. They have users from all over the world including North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, and are focused on serving everyone from individual retail clients to professional derivatives traders.

Bybit Victors' Bounty

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Register on Bybit
  2. Follow Bybit on Twitter
  3. Make a BTC or USDT Deposit [ Deposit of ≥ 0.01 BTC or ≥ 300 USDT ]
  4. Try “TP/SL on Selected Position” Feature [ Set your position with the “TP/SL on Selected Position” feature on our USDT Perpetual trading page ]
  5. Try Our “Trailing Stop” Feature [ Executing any trading pair order using our “Trailing Stop” feature ]
  6. Try Our “Strategy Alerts” Feature [ Subscribe to the “Strategy Alerts” feature on our Bybit App ]
  7. Execute a 100% ROI Order [ Set an order with ≥ 100% unrealized ROI on any trading pair ]
  8. For each task you will receive each free spins.
  9. For more info check there official announcement

Note: This promotion will end on 5th March.

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