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Celestia Airdrop  is closed!

Celestia is a modular blockchain, that’s the new paradigm in blockchain design. Instead of one blockchain doing everything, modular blockchains specialize and optimize to perform a given function. This specialization provides breakthroughs in scalability, flexibility, and interoperability, enabling developers to build blockchain applications for mass adoption.

Celestia is airdropping a total of 60 million TIA to various ecosystem users and developers. Users of the top 10 Ethereum rollups like Arbitrum and Optimism, Cosmos Hub and Osmosis stakers and various public GitHub contributors are eligible to claim free TIA tokens. Follow our complete and simple step-by-step guide to participate.

celestia airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Celestia Airdrop page.
  2. Click on “Check TIA eligibility” to check your Airdrop eligibility.
  3. Are eligible:
    1. Public GitHub contributors to public goods and key protocol infrastructure of Ethereum, rollups, Bitcoin, and Cosmos.
    2. Public GitHub contributors to Ethereum Improvement Proposals and Bitcoin Improvement Proposals.
    3. Contributors (topic creators and posters) to Eth Research.
    4. Public Github contributors to the organisations and key repositories represented at Modular Summits 1 & 2 and in Celestia’s most recent ecosystem map (July 2023)
    5. Modular Fellows, cohort 1
    6. Top 50% active users of the top 10 rollups by TVL on L2 Beat.
    7. Stakers of ≥ $75, allocated by stake and onchain activity.
    8. IBC relayers.
  4. Snapshot was taking on the 1st january 2023.
  5. Activity is defined using onchain behaviours denoting onchain usage, such as interacting with smart contracts, owning an ENS or IBC transactions.
[ Visit this page for more information regarding Celestia Airdrop]

Good luck!

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