CoffeeSwap Airdrop

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CoffeeSwap Airdrop is closed!

CoffeeSwap is a decentralised finance that has all the features of other DeFi protocols. It has limit orders patform that makes it more improved than other protocols. CoffeeSwap mission is to ensure that investors generate the maximum possible returns with the platform through the Automated APY selector pool and the limits orders to make Stake and Unstake. CoffeeSwap smart contract is based on ethereum network (ERC20).  And is identical to the sushiswap ERC20 which has been audited. Find out more on CoffeeSwap here.

CoffeeSwap Airdrop  worth of $10,000 in $COFE

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Airdrop page
  2. Following CoffeSwap on Twitter
  3. Retweet pinned tweet
  4. Join telegram group
  5. Join Telegram announcements Group
  6. Join Discord
  7. Subscribe to CoffeeSwap Youtube channel (optional)
  8. Submit details
  9. Invite more friends to gain higher position in the draw (optional)

The draw will take place live on the official YouTube channel.


1º—-15 COFE ($1,650*)
2º—-9 COFE ($990*)
3º—-8 COFE ($880*)
4º—-7 COFE ($770*)
5º—-6 COFE ($660*)
6º—-5 COFE ($550*)
7º—-4 COFE ($440*)
8º—-3 COFE ($330*)
9º—-2 COFE ($220*)
10º—-1 COFE ($110*)
11º-51º—-0.5 COFE ($55*)
52º-132º—-0.25 COFE ($27.5*)
133º-200º—-20% discount on presale
201º-400º—-10% discount on presale

Price calculated using the base price of the presale $110

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