Coinmarketcap X Helium Airdrop

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Coinmarketcap X Helium Airdrop is closed!
Helium’s long-range wireless technology and secure blockchain can build the ultimate network, The People’s Network.
Coinmarketcap X Helium Airdrop is worth of 1$ tokens for completing all steps!

Coinmarketcap X Helium Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit Coinmarketcap X Helium Airdrop Page
  2. Register an account on Coinmarketcap
  3. Register for an account on Binance[If you use this link for sign up you will save 5% of fees for lifetime]
  4. Click on “Get Started” and watch the 4 videos one by one and then solve the quiz.

Quiz Answers :

1. What is the total supply of HNT tokens?
Ans: 56,107,426 (Check the latest on coinmarketcap)

2. What type of devices connect to The People’s Network?
Ans: Internet of Things (IoT) devices

3. How many IoT devices are expected to need connectivity in the next five years?
Ans: 75 Billion

4. What is the wireless technology Hotspots use to provide coverage?
Ans: LongFi

5. What is the unit of exchange Hotspots earn?
Ans: HNT

6. Which of the below is NOT a way a Hotspot earns HNT?
Ans: Providing Wi-Fi connectivity to nearby phones and computers.

7. What is Helium’s novel proof algorithm that is used to verify Hotspots are real and located where they say they are?
Ans: Proof-of-coverage
8. What is the unit of exchange IoT devices use to pay for connectivity?
Ans: Data Credit

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