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CoinStats Giveaway is live!

Coin Stats is the #1 free Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app.

Track Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 3,000 altcoins prices from over 100 exchanges. Use your local currency and sync your favorite exchanges and wallets automatically to your Coin Stats portfolio so you don’t have to manually add your transactions. See everything in real-time in the app.

CoinStats Giveaway is worth:

10 x Lifetime CoinStats Pro accounts for 10 random people.
10 x 1 year CoinStats Pro accounts for 10 random people.
5 x Lifetime CoinStats Pro accounts for the top 5 referrals.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the CoinStats Giveaway bot (Telegram bot)
  2. Join their Telegram chat. (neccessary, 1 stake)
  3. Download their free CoinStats app for IOS or Android. (neccessary,2 stakes)
  4. Follow them on Twitter and retweet their pinned post (optional,1 stake)
  5. Submit your details to the bot
  6. Get unique referral link to invite your friends. (optional,1 stake)
  7. Each stake will be a chance to win.

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