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  • Closes in: Airdrop Ended

  • Estimate value: $5

  • Token value: 5000 COT

  • Max. participants: NA


CoTrader’s is the world’s first trustless investment funds marketplace for cryptos and ICO futures. It’s MVP is live on testnet at demo.cotrader.com. CoTraders can invest together with the best proven fund managers. Unlike competing platforms, CoTraders investment funds can be managed without ever sending the funds to anyone. Fund managers’ fees and performance history are transparent and proven on the blockchain.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to airdrop Telegram bot
  2. Answer some easy questions
  3. Join their Telegram group
  4. Submit your email to the bot and verify it
  5. Follow them on Twitter and like, retweet this tweet
  6. Like their Facebook page and like, share this post
  7. Subscribe to their Youtube channel and like this video
  8. Follow them on Medium and clap this article
  9. Subscribe to their Reddit page and comment, share this post
  10. Follow them on Instagram and like this post
  11. Submit your ETH address to the bot by submitting command /wallet.
  12. You will get 2,500 COT tokens
  13. Complete some additional bonus tasks provided by the Telegram bot to receive another 2,500 COT tokens (optional)
  14. Also get 2,500 COT for every referral
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