DataOnBlock Airdrop

DataOnBlock Airdrop


DataOnBlock Airdrop is live!

Data On Block is an easy way to publish your data to the blockchain, making it instantly accessible for interaction with smart contracts and users globally.

DataOnBlock is airdropping free DBLK tokens to their community members. Chat with their Telegram bot, submit your ETH wallet address and share your unique referral link to earn 10 DBLK for each referral and 10 DBLK for each secondary referral.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the DataOnBlock Telegram bot.
  2. Submit your ETH wallet address to the bot.
  3. Click on “Set Rewards Wallet” and set your ETH wallet address as your default address.
  4. Click on /referrals to receive your unique referral link.
  5. Share your referral link to earn 10 DBLK for each referral and 10 DBLK for each secondary referral.
  6. Visit this airdrop official announcement to view full details about different levels of referral rewards.
  7. You can earn up to 200,000 DBLK tokens by referring your friends.

Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter to receive new airdrops!

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