e-Money x MyCointainer Giveaway

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e-Money x MyCointainer Giveaway is closed!

MyCointainer created its POWER! subscriptions in order to best adapt to customer’s expectations. With the paid subscription, users can stake, exchange, and withdraw their coins without any commission. In addition, common access of masternodes to all resources are guaranteed and the cost of running all nodes are covered by the platform. Now you can test how it works with the basic subscription which guarantees 100% of the rewards go to you.

MyCointainer is giving away over  $1500 in  $NGM to celebrate their partnership with e-Money team. Follow our step by step guide to participate and earn.

e-Money x MyCointainer Giveaway

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign up with an account on Mycointainer platform
  2. Go to giveaway page
  3. Complete these social tasks
    1. Follow Mycointainer on Twitter
    2. Follow e-Money on Twitter
  4. Provide your E-money ($NGM) address from MyCointainer
  5. Proceed with further steps to earn more points on each entries

Reward distribution

  • 50 random users picked to win $5 in $NGM coins each ($5)
  • The first 50 people who buy at least $200 worth of $NGM via MyCointainer will get an additional 6 $NGM ($10) coinsDeposit Win! The First 50 deposits of at least $50 of NGM will get a guaranteed $5 worth of NGM coins
  • The First 100 people who delegate at least $100 worth of NGM Coins to MyCointainer Delegation Node will get an additional $5 $NGM bonus after 3 months delegation period

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