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Elfin Games Testnet is live!

Elfin Metaverse game is the first Esport Metaverse on Bitcoin ecosystem. They have partnered with over 20 game studios, and have more than 100 games across various genres in the pipeline.

Elfin Metaverse games platform is live with Airdrop. Web3 enthusiasts are able to test the platform on Binance Chain to earn Airdrop points every day. Check our complete and simple step-by-step guide to participate.

elfin games testnet

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Register for the Elfin metaverse games Airdrop, by connecting your web3 wallet.
  2. Sign in your wallet and confirm ownership.
  3. Add the BNB Testnet network to your wallet by visiting Here.
  4. Claim 0.3 TBNB faucet and deposit a minimum of $0.05 TBNB
  5. Complete task to earn Elfin points. 
  6. Invite your friends to earn 50 points per invites.
  7. Tranfer $PEPE to PEPE DAO account and play games to earn extra points.

Good luck!

The game is currently running on BSC Testnet. No money is involved to play the game. Any attemp to require a mainnet gas fee is a scam.

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