ESAX Token Airdrop

  • Closes in: Expired already

  • Estimate value: $100


ESAX Token Airdrop  is closed!

ESAX Technologies, for sectoral companies, payment system and loan applications, user-centralized exchange platform and P2P escrow trading. ESAX Token is the ERC20 based token of the platform. ESAX Token is designed for easytrading on exchange lists for ESAXC coins. ESAX Token, will be processed in our own platform and listed secondary stock exchange process.

ESAX Token Airdrop is worth 4000 ESAX tokens (~$100), also get 200 ESAX for every referral.

ESAX Token Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:


  1. Go to ESAX Token airdrop page.
  2. Register and Click claim airdrop .
  3. You will be redirected to this Google form.
  4. Enter your name and your email address (mandatory).
  5. Join their Telegram group and channel (optional, 400 ESAX).
  6. Follow them on Twitter (optional, 400 ESAX).
  7. Like on them Facebook (optional, 400 ESAX).
  8. Follow them on Linedln (optional, 400 ESAX).
  9. Follow them on Instagram (optional, 400 ESAX).
  10. Follow them on Reddit (optional, 400 ESAX).
  11. Submit your Eth address.
  12. You will receive 4,000 ESAX tokens.
  13. Also get 200 ESAX tokens for each referral.

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