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FAMEEX 75 USDT Bonus is closed!

FAMEEX digital currency trading platform is officially launched in 2020, adhering to the concept of quantitative implementation of blockchain new finance, laying out diversified business segments, and committed to developing into a safe, stable and efficient blockchain tool platform, supporting virtual currency transactions  such as BTC, ETH,  LTC, DOGE, DOT, BNB. FAMMEX is airdropping up to $75 USDT to each of early users to foster and widespread the adoption of the platform. A couple of simple tasks to interact with FAMEEX platform are required to benefit from the Airdrop event. Follow our simple step by step guide to participate!

FAMEEX Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

Follow these steps to win up to $75 USDT FAMEEX Bonus!

  1. Task 1 : Register for 20 USDT FAMEEX Bonus
    1. Register with a FAMEEX account
    2. Open Contract
    3. Finish KYC2
  2. Task 2: Try Futures Trading
    1. You get 5 USDT FAMEEX Bonus everyday with futures trading volume≥2,000 USDT, once a day during the event.
  3. Task 3: Share Contract Order in FAMEEX Telegram group to Get 5 USDT FAMEEX Bonus
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Good luck!


  • Druing the event, share your contract order in official group
  • Contact Admins to claim 5 USDT FAMEEX Bonus

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