Graphene Airdrop

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Graphene Airdrop is live!

Graphene is a next-generation Blockchain architecture that makes use of the CASPER staking consensus protocol, being developed by the Phore Blockchain team. The architecture is currently in late-stage development and is written in Go. Graphene can support complex decentralized applications (dApps), business models, and allow the creation of customized shards that are optimized for different use cases, while allowing full interoperability between shards. The potential use cases for Graphene are limitless. In order to receive Graphene (GFN) tokens, you MUST hold Phore (PHR) tokens in either your personal Phore wallet or exchange/third party wallet (which supports the airdrop) at the time of the Blockchain snapshot.

There will be a total of six snapshots in which the first snapshot will be taken on March 14th at 23:59 (GMT). The remaining snapshots will be announced at a later time. Eligible users will receive 1.66% of the graph supply  GFN per PHR for the first five snapshots and 1.7 GFN per PHR for the sixth snapshot.

Graphene Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Buy and hold PHR coins in your Phore wallet
  2. Six snapshots will be taken starting from the first snapshot on March 14th at 23:59 (GMT)
  3. Eligibles will receive 1.66 GFN per PHR for the first five snapshots and 1.7 GFN per PHR for the sixth snapshot
  4. All six snapshots’ participants will receive 10 GFN for every 1 PHR
  5. The rewards will be distributed on the Binance Smart Chain. Check announcement
  6. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this Medium article
  7. Stay tuned on their social channels for more details on remaining snapshots

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