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GRVT Ambassador Onboarding is closed!

GRVT is a hybrid crypto derivatives exchange (HEX), offering self-custody trading, lightning-fast execution, deep liquidity, capital efficiency, and competitive fees. They cater to both professional and novice traders with two distinct trading modes powered by zkSync technology. GRVT  aims to leverages zk-rollups for unparalleled security and scalability.

GRVT is onboarding new adopters as ambassadors. Ambassadors will get rewarded from 10% of the total token supply for Phase 1 and Phase 2

GRVT Ambassador program

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the GRVT Ambassadors’ on-boarding page.
  2. Register or sign up with your google account.
  3. Get your Affiliate Ambassador link and share it with your close friends.

Good luck!


  • Phase 0 is an open referral program that invites you and your friends to join us as early ambassadors.
  • As an ambassador, you can refer as many friends as you like.
  • By referring friends, you’ll move up the queue.
  • Your referrals in Phase 0 will then be carried over to Phase 1 as GRVT Points for future airdrops.

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