IndexRiders Competition

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IndexRiders Competition is closed!

IndexRiders is a game, where you need predict the correct price of Bitcoin to win rewards! BBD token is used as Index Riders’ Game Token. BBD token is already listed on CoinDeal Exchange. To raise awarnsess about IndexRiders project, IndexRiders launches an airdrop competition through which top 20 referrers will win 1000 BBD tokens. Follow our step guide to participate in IndexRiders’ 1000 BBD competition.

IndexRiders Competition

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to IndexRiders Competition page
  2. Register on IndexRiders and receive 120 BBD tokens as welcome bonus
  3. Complete these social tasks
    1. Follow IndexRiders on Twitter
    2. Retweet IndexRiders on Tweet  1 and Tweet 2
    3. Join IndexRider Telegram group
  4. Earn more entries by inviting more friend to join the Competition
  5. Complete further tasks to level up your entries

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