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Kale99 Contest is closed!

Kale is one of the fastest growing plants known by humankind that needs just a bit of help to bloom properly. We think this is a conceptual approach that shows the resemblance between a kale and our potential customers, ready to find out new tips that can change their lives and facilitate their personal development. The 99 part is actually the 99% percentage of involvement from Kale99 into the process of evolving, leaving that 1% in the hand of the customer.

Kale99 Contest win up to $5,000 in BTC/TRX with Kale99!

Kale99 Contest

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Kale99 Contest Page
  2. Register with your email, input your BTC & TRX address.
  3. Verify your email (mandatory)
  4. Join them on Telegram (mandatory)
  5. Follow them on Twitter (optional)
  6. Follow them on Instagram (optional)
  7. Like them on Facebook (optional)
  8. Follow them on Linkedin (optional)
  9. Clap 50 times on Medium (optional)
  10. Create an article on Medium (optional)
  11. Visit kale99 ‘s Website (optional)
  12. Share your referral link and earn more points!


  • In order for your points to count, you need to verify your email address.
  • Your referral also needs to verify their email address so you can get your share.
  • Entries are limited to 1 per person, double or more accounts are forbidden.
  • Top 1 will receive $1,000 worth in BTC.
  • Top 2-3 will receive $1,000 worth in BTC shared between both ($500 each).
  • Top 4-10 will receive $1,000 worth in BTC shared equally ($166 each).
  • Top 11 to 50 will receive $1,000 worth in TRX shared equally.
  • Top 51 to 500 will receive $500 worth in TRX shared equally.
  • 250 random contestants will receive $500 worth in TRX shared equally.
  • Contest winners will receive their reward based on position.
  • From top 1 to 10 will receive the reward on their submitted BTC wallet address.
  • 11-500 and 250 random contestants will receive their reward on the submitted TRON wallet on registration.
  • Kale99 reserve the rights to ban and block anyone who tries to cheat.
  • This contest lasts until 30th November 2020. And rewards will be distributed before 25th December, 2020.

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