Kishu Fantom Bounty


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Kishu Fantom aims at growing with the community’s supports and a fully dedicated team who prioritize the project’s overall success above everything. Kishu Fantom is providing solutions on the explosive Fantom Blockchain through DeFi, NFTs and GameFi.

Kishu Fantom Bounty is worth $10,000 in $Kisha

KISHU Fantom bounty

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start kishu Fantom Bounty  Telegram Bot
  2. Solve the Captcha
  3. Complete the 6 tasks.
  4. After you complete the tasks, ”Claim” will be visible. Click on ”Claim” and complete the other tasks.
  5. After completing at least 7 tasks, you will earn  points to level up in the bounty
  6. Winners of the bounty will be announced in the Kishu Fantom Channel
  7. Follow these simple tasks to be among the top 100 to benefit from KISHU bounty Reward Pool based on your number of referrals.


Top 100 will benefit from KISHA bounty Reward Pool based number of referrals

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