Mallconomy Bounty Campaign

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Mallconomy Bounty Campaign is closed!

Mallconomy is the world’s first Social PlaytoEarn game where you can launch your own store, hire your friends and start making good innings from day1. Are you ready for the under-one-roof Metaverse shopping mall experience, featuring Premium NFTs, DeFi lending solutions, and many ways to earn!

Mallconomy is airdropping its Premium NFT Collection, native $WOOT tokens, Loot Boxes, and Cash Prizes to celebrate its launch! 

Mallconomy bounty campaign

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Mallconomy Bounty&Airdrop Page
  2. Complete these social tasks
    1. Follow Mallconomy on Twitter
    2. Join Mallconomy Telegram
    3. Join Mallconomy Discord
  3. Enter your ETH (ERC20) wallet
  4. Submit your details!

Good luck!


Distributions date to be announced in Mallconomy social networks. Stay tuned in!

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