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MarginFi Expected Airdrop  is closed!
Marginfi is a decentralized lending protocol on Solana that prioritizes risk management to provide a safe and reliable solution for users looking to access leverage and maximize capital efficiency. The protocol is a fully permissionless suite of smart contracts deployed on a blockchain, paired with real-time risk management and automatic liquidations. Users can lend, borrow and refer on Marginfi to earn marginfi points.

Marginfi protocol is rewarding its platform users with points. The protocol doesn’t have a governance asset, there’s a hint that the points will be converted to their governance token as Solana airdrop narrative has just spiked. Follow our complete and simple step-by-step guide to participate.


Step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Marginfi protocol page.
  2. Connect your Solana wallet.
    1. Phantom wallet
    2. Backpack wallet
  3. Complete the following tasks
    1. Visit the Lend page and lend in available pool.
    2. Visit the borrowing page and borrow assets
    3. Stake your $SOL for $SLT
  4. Refer DeFi farmers to join you on this journey!


There’s no guarantee that, Marginfi will reward its platform users with a potential airdrop. This is based on a narrative. Consent before proceeding.

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