MetaMerge Airdrop

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MetaMerge Airdrop is closed!

MetaMerge focuses on the nature of the virtual Merge universe, stimulating the player’s curiosity and satisfying their passion for discovery.

MetaMerge Airdrop  is worth $150 USDT.

mretamerge airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to MetaMerge Airdrop page
  2. Complete these social tasks
    1. Join MetaMerge Telegram Group
    2. Join MetaMerge Telegram Channel
    3. Follow MetaMerge on Twitter
    4. Like and retweet this post & tag your friends in comments
    5. Like MetaMerge Facebook Page
    6. Put Twitter question in the tweet
  3. Verify your entries and submit your details
  4. Refer your friends for extra rewards

Good luck!


  • 7 Best Telegram Live Quiz Answers ($10 each)
  • 3 Top Referral + 2 Lucky Entries ($10 each)
  • Make sure to complete all tasks to receive the rewards.

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