MobileGO Airdrop

MobileGO Airdrop


The MGO token has an extremely broad scope of application, providing numerous benefits for different populations. For gamers, it will facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized tournaments, serving both as a match reward and an entrance fee. Moreover, token holders will be able to earn additional discounts for purchasing in-game content. MobileGo airdrop is live!

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to airdrop (airdrop form)
  2. Join their Telegram Chat.
  3. Join their Telegram Channel.
  4. Follow them on Twitter.
  5. Follow and like their Facebook.
  6. Follow them on Discord.
  7. Follow them on Reddit.
  8. Submit your details to their airdrop form.
  9. The first 1,000 participants get 2 MGO and the next 10,000 get 1 MGO.

MobileGo is already listed on several exchangers, check coinmarketcap.com

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MobileGO Airdrop

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