Muse Protocol Bounty

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Muse Protocol Bounty  is closed!

Muse Protocol is a Tron (TRC-20) digital ecosystem built on a set of automatic, pre-arranged agreements, called smart contracts, that allows for the trust free management of profit generated by music and the transformation of fanbases into their own symbiotic economies. Muse Application is a decentralized social streaming platform that favors artists and creatives while rewarding participants for engagement and consumption.

Muse Protocol Bounty is worth $677,000 in prizes to participants of their first official Bounty Program.

Muse Protocol Bounty

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Register for the Muse Protocol Bounty, by creating an account.
  2. Confirm your email address to proceed.
  3. Review the available tasks and complete as many as possible to increase your bounty allocation.
  4. Refer the program to your friends to earn even more points for sharing.
  5. The person with the most points will be their Grand Prize Winner!


1st PlaceApple iPad Pro Bundle
2nd Place$500 in STX and $500 in TRX 
3rd Place$250 in STX and $250 in TRX 
4th Place$125 in STX and $125 in TRX 
5th Place$50 in STX and $50 in TRX 
6th Place1,500 MUSE
7th Place1,400 Muse
8th Place1,300 MUSE
9th Place1,200 MUSE
10th Place1,100 MUSE
11th Place – 1,000 MUSE
12th Place900 MUSE
13th Place800 MUSE
14th Place700 MUSE
15th Place600 MUSE
16th Place500 MUSE
17th Place400 MUSE
18th Place300 MUSE
19th Place200 MUSE
20th Place100 MUSE

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