NextPakk (Round 2)

NextPakk (Round 2)
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  • Closes in: Airdrop Ended

  • Estimate value: $64

  • Token value: 200 PAKKA

  • Max. participants: 2.500


At NextPakk, we’re transforming last-mile logistics through a scalable sharing economy built on blockchain. Blockchain and sharing economy, each disruptive on their own, were combined to create a decentralized platform for consumer-scheduled evening delivery, 7 days/ week. Creating a marketplace of online shoppers, local businesses for package delivery points (PDPs), and local last-mile delivery drivers that gives consumers convenience, control, and choice over their delivery. Pakka blockchain will be the backbone of the DApps built to conduct logistics business and last-mile services, using the Pakka tokens as payment and or collateral for packages, while changing hands from pick up until delivery.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to NextPakk website and register
  2. Follow the steps in this form
  3. You will get 400 PAKKA
  4. Yes you can join this even if you joined round 1
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