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NuLink Retroactive Airdrop is live!

The NuLink technology platform consists of blockchain, access control (Proxy Re-EncryptionAttribute-Based Encryption) and secure computation (Zero-Knowledge ProofSecure Multi-party ComputationFully Homomorphic Encryption) as its technical core. It provides enterprise-level data sharing and computation services.

NuLink is up with a testing program whereby testers, node providers and quest fillers will be able to share 0.5% of Nulink’s $NLK token suply. Check our complete and simple step-by-step guide to join this giveaway!

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Step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Nulink Staking Dashboard.
  2. Add the Binance Smart Chain testnet network to your wallet.
  3. Connect your web3 wallet, preferably Metamask wallet.
  4. Click on the wallet icon in the top right corner to the wallet connect and claim $NLK and $tBNB faucets.
  5. Stake $NLK in the staking pool.
  6. Head to Nulink Argent , and create your Nulink based wallet. Make sure to save your seed phrase in a safe place.
  7. Send from some amount of $tBNB from your Metamask wallet to your Argent wallet to pay for further activities gas fee.
  8. Visit now the Nulink File transfer program
  9. Now Head to the Nulink Quest page, complete quest and get verified.

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