Nulink Testnet Airdrop

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Nulink Testnet Airdrop is closed!

The NuLink Testnet is called the Horus network. It includes four parts: the NuLink Staking Dapp, the NuLink Worker Node, the NuLink Agent and the NuLink File Sharing Dapp. The NuLink Staking Dapp and the NuLink Worker Node are used by those who want to provide cryptographic service in the Horus network; while the NuLink Agent and the NuLink File Sharing Dapp are used by those who want to use the privacy-preserving service in the Horus network.

The NuLink Horus network is ongoing a Tesntet phase. Users are invited to participate. All participants will get a reward at the end of the testnet period. Check our complete and simple step-by-step guide to participate!

nulink testnet airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the NuLink Tesnet page
  2. Follow the Tesnet Tutorials
  3. Complete these Experimental tasks
    1. Try Nulink Staking Dapp
    2. Try NuLink Worker
  4. Note down your notices and compile your feedback
  5. Fill in the Google form with your details!

Good luck!


  • The token in the Horus network is NLK(test). Please be aware it is only used for testing purposes and has no trading value.
  • NuLink Staking Dapp: The platform for managing the staker/worker account
  • NuLink Worker Node: The node to provide cryptographic service in Horus.
  • NuLink Agent: The plug in to handle the local cryptographic operation of the file sharing users.
  • NuLink File Sharing Dapp: The entrypoint for data sharing users to manage the private file and handle the authorization request.

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