Polarity Exchange Airdrop

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Polarity Exchange Airdrop is closed!

Polarity.Exchange enables users to trade Cryptographic tokens both native or 1:1 backed on TN. For more information visit here.Polarity.Vault is a secure secret store utilizing cutting-edge encryption technology and techniques that natively integrates with Polarity.Exchange to enable secure wallet access.Polarity.Signer is a multi-sig solution that enables users to add multi-factor authorization to signatures before broadcasting to the network.

Polarity Exchange Airdrop is worth 100,000 $TN  tokens, 10,000 $TN Referral rewards, each referral will 1 stake.10,000 $TN will divide among all stakes.

Polarity Exchange Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Airdrop Bot
  2. Fill the human captcha
  3. Join Polarity Exchange’s Telegram Channel
  4. JoinFreecoins24 ‘s Telegram Group
  5. Follow Polarity Exchange & Freecoins24 on Twitter
  6. Submit your twitter handle username
  7. Retweet the Tweet about Polarity.Exchange promotion
  8. Submit your retweet link
  9. Create a verified account on Polarity.Exchange
  10. Submit your email
  11. Share your referral link and earn more!

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