PunkDAO Airdrop

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PunkDAO Airdrop is closed!

Punk.Network is an open smart and  NFT-friendly public chain based on the Substrate architecture that adapts to the Polkadot ecology. With NPoS (Nominated Proof of Stakes) as the consensus mechanism, which can accommodate a wide range of asset types, a large number of transactions and various type of smart contracts are possible to be issued. Punk.Network is committed to linking global Dapp developers, NFT investors and creators to provide the most professional, safest and most friendly development, trading, application, community and ecological support. Punk.Network is airdropping  200,000 $Punk ($30,000) & DOT to early users. Follow our step guide to participate in Punk.Network airdrop.

PunkDao Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Airdrop page
  2. Complete these scoial tasks
    1. Join Punk.Nework Telegram group
    2. Join Punk.Network Telegram channel channel
    3. Follow Punk.Network on Twitter
    4. Submit a photo that best shows off Punk.Network elements on Twitter with the hashtag : Pin this tweet, Tag 3 people and Using the hashtags
      #PunkNetwork, #NFT & #Polkadot or #cryptoart for an entry
  3. Submit your polkadot wallet address


5 persons will be selected randomly every week and eachone will get random DOT. Tokens will be distributed to your polkadot wallet address within 7 working days after 10th of May.

Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter to receive new airdrops!



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