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  • Closes in: Airdrop Ended

  • Estimate value: $3,7

  • Token value: 123 QWN

  • Max. participants: unlimited


Qwin is a crowdfunding game platform based on blockchain technologies and smart contracts. In Qwin, players cooperate in crowdfunding a desired prize while also compete with each other to make the last contribution and win it. All gameplay is confidential and done by players interacting through smart contracts by using QWIN tokens. Qwin creates an innovative solution by mixing elements of crowdfunding, competitive gameplay, last-past-the-post auctions and gamified retail.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to their website then register (50 QWN)
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Go to their dashboard and click on “Free Tokens”
  4. 10 QWN Tokens for going through the tutorial
  5. 50 QWN Tokens for joining their social media groups Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium
  6. 1 QWN Token for each day access to MVP. 3 extra QWN Tokens for achieving 7 days weekly goal
  7. 1 QWIN Token for giving  your vote for upcoming prizes
  8. Perform the different social tasks to get 123 QWN
  9. Also get 50 QWN for each referral
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