Sesameseed ( SEED ) Airdrop

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Sesameseed ( SEED ) Airdrop  is closed!

Sesameseed is a multi-blockchain community, created to support its members by providing fair and transparent representation in delegated governance. Sesameseed accomplishes this by maintaining a reputation of upholding its core values of community, transparency and privacy.

SEED is earned by community participation such as voting or staking across any represented blockchain on which Sesameseed operates. Currently the maximum number of SEED issued to participating community members is 100,000 SEED daily. SEED automatically participates on blockchains on which Sesameseed is represented. Holding SEED will earn more SEED every day.

Sesameseed in a node operator on Ontology and Tron. Sesameseed is known for being the community-driven #1 SR on Tron and paying the highest staking rewards on Ontology. SEED is their multi-chain rewards token.


Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start the Sesameseed Telegram Bot.
  2. Create Sesameseed Wallet from GoSeedit.
  3. Every Seedit wallet user will get an equal share of the 50,000 SEED.
  4. Official rules for the drop can be found here on Official Page.
  • Questions or additional support can be found on Telegram

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