Socialcrypt.NET Airdrop²

Socialcrypt.NET Airdrop²


Socialcrypt runs a second “airdrop² Wave”!

SocialCrypt.NET – Is like a Blockchained-Facebook but where the revenue is shared across community! You are getting rewarded with SCG tokens for making simple actions on site like Posting, Liking, Following, Sharing and etc… And with plenty of news and legit content it is the first Social Network that truly unites people with the world of Blockchain and legit ICOs.

  • How do you earn SocialCrypt’s SCG (TRON-based) Tokens?
    Share your referral link and you receive 920 SCG for every verified referral! Also you always earn tokens for most actions you do on website, like Joining groups, adding friends,talking if Forums, etc…
  • What can I do with SCG?
    You will be able so send coins to other user and use it as a form of money. Also every user is able to withdraw tokens and exchange after listing on DEX. Also you can use tokens as assets, investments or like e-money.
  • What’s inside?
    Socialcrypt – is a new home for crypto community with crypto-groups, official ICO pages, crypto-calendar with important events and to help you with trading & investments, socialize and feel your self at home..

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Socialcrypt.NET
  2. Register an account
  3. Receive 1079 SCG tokens!

Also get +920 SCG for every verified referral
Make activity there and your earnings potential is unlimited!

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