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Stegos Airdrop is closed!

The Stegos Privacy Platform combines a unique blockchain and token design to implement the first completely private cryptocurrency that’s secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Stegos is fully scalable, ensuring the chain is always kept small without compromising trust. This makes Stegos the world’s first public blockchain to offer secure and confidential data storage and transmission, in addition to payment transactions.

To celebrate final testnet release before the upcoming IEO and mainnet release, Stegos are offering a $200,000 bounty program to help spread the word about Stegos and collect feedback on its app and blockchain.

The bounty program will run in two parts, each with a prize pool of $100,000 in STG coins. The two halves of the bounty program will run simultaneously, and you can take part in both.

Part 1: $100,000 Community and Social Media Bounty Program

The first part is a social media and community bounty run on Stegos website, with big prizes for the top 100 scorers and a $10,000 random draw for anyone who scores in the top 1000 places.

Stegos Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Stegos Bounty 
  2. Click on Enter the competition and sign up.
  3. Verify your email.
  4. Now complete different tasks to earn points.
  5. Also earn 100 points for each referral.


1st Place$10,000 in STG
2nd Place$7500 in STG
3rd Place$5000 in STG
4th-10th Place$2500 in STG
11th-20th Place$1500 in STG
21st-50th Place$750 in STG
51st-100th Place$250 in STG
101st-1000th 40x $250 in STG

Part 2: $100,000 Testing and Feedback Bounty Program

The second part will be running in the Stegos Telegram group. Stegos are going to award $100,000 in STG coins for testing the blockchain and app and providing feedback by using the latest version of its blockchain to track the scores. At the end of the contest, everyone will receive STG based on the number of testSTG they’ve earned.

For example, if 1,000,000 testSTG are issued during the hackathon and you earn 100,000, you would have 10% of the total supply and thus win 10% of the bounty pool, or $10,000.

To enter Testing and Feedback Bounty simply follow these Instructions

Good luck!

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